Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cardinals After Putz?

According to Ken Rosenthal, citing a Rival GM, the Cardinals have offered Rick Ankiel and a prospect to the Mariners for J.J. Putz. The Cardinals may be willing to give up prospect Colby Rasmus, but a this point, no deal is imminent. This offer would suggest that Fuentes' asking price may be too high, and they will pursue other options.

The Angels and Brewers are interested in Fuentes, but talks may not pick up till after the Rule 5 Draft.

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Anonymous said...

J.J.Putz to STL?Not in the wildest of dreams.It´s not that I´m not all for it.But,I just don´t see that happening.I´d trade up Ankiel,and a prospect for JJ any day of the week.Ricky boy would ge a good fit in Seattle.As for a prospect,Hmm!3B-David Freese,or Allen Craig.After all,they will most definitely be losing Beltre soon enough and it would plug two holes.With Ibanez headed out the door also.And Putz can dominate in STL.It´s definitely something to look into thats for sure.Eli,just heard that the O´s signed Izturis (Of all things).Why didn´t STL deal him,and Adam Kennedy,who wants out,last year at the deadline to BALT for say,Brian Roberts.I´d even chip in to mid-level prospects to go along with it.The Cards want to unload Kennedy and his 4 mil,then throw in Izturis and his 3 mil,plus Ankiel who will be a free agent.A Boras free agent I might add.Then STL would have solved their 2B problem and had gotten the leadoff hitter they so desperately need.What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Just kidding!Kennedy and Izturis+Ankiel or 2 prospects for Roberts?Not in this lifetime anyway.But,it doesn´t hurt to dream.A pipe dream for that matter.