Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fuentes Wants To Be An Angel

According to the Merced Sun-Star, free agent closer Brian Fuentes wants to play in California for the Angels. "Anaheim would be a great fit, being a California kid," Fuentes said. The Cardinals are pursuing Fuentes, as are the Brewers and Nationals. However, Tony La Russa informed me, among other reporters at the Winter Meetings that Fuentes was their "number one target." While Fuentes would like to be an Angel, both GM Tony Reagins and manager Mike Scoscia both told me that they were comfortable with in-house options at closer: "Who said we need a closer?" Reagins said, "We've got Arredondo and Shields."

If Fuentes was willing to sign for a cheap price, it is possible he would be an Angel, but he will likely have to decide between the Cardinals, Brewers, and Nationals.

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Anonymous said...

Astros? Did you just pull that out of your a ss? They are trying to cut payroll, and have Valverde, I doubt they would spend 3 years $30+ mil on a reliever

Eli said...


Anonymous said...

Did you really talk to Tony LaRussa, or are you just saying that and got the info from a different source?

Eli said...

I talked to him