Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cubs Pull Out Of Peavy Talks

The Cubs have pulled out of the Jake Peavy trade talks. The Cubs felt the price was too high for Peavy, who has 63 million dollars left on his four year contract. However, they have made it known that Mark DeRosa is expendable for the second straight offseason, and if they don't trade him now, they will probably lose him next offseason, when he is a free agent. At least ten teams have contacted the Cubs about DeRosa, who has 5.5 million dollars left on his contract. 

Felix Pie has been one of the Cubs' top prospects, and by not giving him more of an opportunity, they are wasting his trade value. We'll see what happens, it is very possible the Cubs will reopen talks when there isn't as much pressure on them to get it done.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder... Is it possible that Donnie Veal was a part of the package, and when he was taken in the rule-5 draft, that broke the deal? It doesn't seem likely that Veal's loss would be a deal breaker, but the timing does fit.

Eli said...

Veal was not part of the deal. If the Cubs wanted to protect him, they would have brought him up to the 40-man roster.

Anonymous said...

Eli,STL is on Peavy´s list of potential candidates if I´m not mistaken.Except for MLB ready,or near ready, pitching prospects,this deal could´ve been sealed ages ago. Otherwise,all necessary tools are there.The last I´d heard,ATL was interested in acquiring RF Ryan Ludwick for either,Kelly Johnson,or Escobar.Straight-up,one for one,I would´nt do that deal.But, if they were to throw in 2 pitching prospects to sweeten the deal,I´d jump at that.Then,turn around and ship one,or both off to SD with a few more prospects and Peavy´s a Cardinal and wearing red for awhile.The Cubs,probably were´nt willing to part with Gallagher,and I don´t blame them one bit.

Anonymous said...

"If the Cubs wanted to protect him, they would have brought him up to the 40-man roster."

Good point. It looks to me like the cubs only have 37 on their 40 man roster. Why go into the rule-5 draft with less than 39 (if you're planning on taking a pick) or 40?

They must have been ready to give up on Veal.

Eli said...

From what I heard, Veal did nothing to prove to the Cubs that he would be ready to pitch in the majors anytime soon. However, he has gone through a lot personally, and a change a scenery might turn his career around.

By bringing people up to the 40-man, I believe you have to pay them more.