Monday, December 15, 2008

Cubs Closing In On Gathright?

According to, the Cubs are closing in on free agent outfielder Joey Gathright. Gathright, who hit .254 in 105 games for the Royals last season, played for Piniella in Tampa and would give the Cubs a speedy, versatile bench player. Gathright has shown flashes of success, and getting the 27-year old back with his first manager could have a huge impact.

However, bringing in Gathright does not bode well for Felix Pie, a similar type player with more upside. The Cubs reportedly have a very high asking price for Pie, and they know by putting him back in Triple-A, where he has already proven himself, would give them no leverage in trade negotiations down the road. 

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Anonymous said...

So basically the Cubs cannot put Pie back in Triple-A without completely destroying his trade value?

Pie has struggled in the majors but the majority of top prospects coming out of high school to find success in the majors is 24-25. Pie is 23 and was 17 when

i think it is better to stay with pie.

Anonymous said...

Pie is out of options and cannot be sent to AAA. He has to be on a MLB roster

Anonymous said...

They will likely put him on waivers. a team will then pick him up and the cubs will have leverage in negotiating for a couple young prospects.

they can always pull him back if it doesnt work out.