Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Greene Traded To Cardinals

According to the New York Post, the Cardinals are set to acquire SS Khalil Greene from the Padres in exchange for two relief prospects. The Padres have been frustrated with Greene's performance for the past several seasons and trading him will not only clear up cash, but give them two solid prospects in return. The Cardinals, who miss out on Edgar Renteria, now have a shortstop for 2009 who could potential be trade bait at the deadline if Peter Kozma can prove he is ready. 

As for the Padres, it is believed they have asked for Cubs SS Ronny Cedeno to be included in a deal for Jake Peavy, so he could potentially take over if the deal actually goes through.

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Anonymous said...

Trade bait? Doubt it. Kozma is still three years away. Did an idustry source tell you that?

Eli said...

Thank you for the comment. This news came out too late for me to contact any of my sources, so I have not heard anything from them.

The reason I say that is because Greene will make at least 9 million dollars next year, potentially more if he has a good year. The Cardinals might not want to make that type of an investment when they have a prospect like Kozma rising fast.

bret said...

Greene is a fine 1 year acqusition,if not longer.I believe getting out from under the Padres management,as well as PETCO in particular will do him a world of good.That and the fact he´s headed to St.Louis,will be combing the infield in front of the world´s best fans,baseball´s best overall environment,and if you don´t believe it,just lookat the statistics,and ask Felipe Lopez what it´s like going to a should be contender and what a drag it is playing for a loser.So,after all´s said and done,plus it being his contract year,I´m relatively sure he´ll find his stroke and turn things around.Best of luck in 2009 KG.And as Mark Worrell goes,there was just absolutely no room for him ,or need for him with Perez,and Motte in front of him.Sad to see him go,but that´s business and with SD he should be able to get his shot.Also,he´d gotten his shot at the BIG SHOW last year,and like Anthony Reyes before him,both were fairly disappointing,and at times miserable.So,if we traded miserable for miserable,statswise speaking,I´d say St.Louis and San Diego both won on this deal.Now Mo,let´s just pull the trigger and get his sidekicks.First,Jake Peavy,then why not look into getting Josh Barfield.Go CARDS in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Even if,which I highly doubt,only for 1 year.I consider this move a tremendous upgrade over Izturis.That said,and the fact that there was absolutely no place in St.Louis for Worrell to go with Perez,and Motte,I´d say both,STL and SD got the better of this deal.Now,STL should add his two sidekicks.Peavy,and Barfield to play 2B.Get her done Mo,and let´s get the Redbirds back where they belong.Not only in contention,but quite possibly in the postseason.

Eli said...

With out a doubt, this is a great move for the Cardinals.

They potentially added a .270-.290 hitter with 30 homeruns.