Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cubs Pursuing Another Pitcher

The Cubs would like to add at least one more pitcher before the season starts. Sources close to Cubs GM Jim Hendry believe he will restart trade talks with the Padres concerning Jake Peavy. The Cubs have cleared payroll to bring in Peavy, and have even brought in prospects in the Mark DeRosa trade to use in the deal. Hendry has made it clear that he won't part with Sean Marshall, so a deal would likely be packaged around Josh Vitters, with Ronny Cedeno, Felix Pie, Jeff Stevens, and another prospect going to San Diego. While the trade would not cause holes in the Cubs'  lineup, it is a lot to give up and could hurt the Cubs' future.

If the Cubs would rather go after a free agent, they could pursue Andy Pettitte or Randy Wolf. Other options include Ben Sheets, Oliver Perez, or Mark Mulder. 

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Anonymous said...

I think what is important to remember is if the Cubs get Peavy, he is a known pitcher who wins. All the prospects they would give up are just that, prospects. Do they have a better chance to win now versus waiting even longer?

Matthew said...

I agree. Do not gut the team for one player. I think Peavy would require too much. And the Cubs might need some players for the trade deadline.

I say they go after Sheets with an incentive laden contract. Make him earn the $$$.

Wolf or Mulder would be good too.

I'm thinking that Pettitte and Perez would command too much.