Monday, January 19, 2009

Late Night Signings

  • The Astros and Humberto Quintero have avoided arbitration by agreeing to a one year deal worth 610 K. He is a solid back up, but is just a .230 career average. 
  • The Marlins have agreed to a one year deals with Jorge Cantu and Jeremy Hermida. Cantu will be paid 3.5 million dollars while Hermida will make 2.25 million dollars.
  • The Royals and Jimmy Gobble have agreed to a one year deal, avoiding arbitration. 
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waldo7239117 said...

Lee Hamilton reported on MLB Live Late Edition on Monday night that the Cubs and Padres have renewed trade talks for Peavy according to his sources. He said the Padres must "get pitching back for Peavy" and he is hearing Sean Marshall, Garrett Olson, Kevin Hart and Jeff Stevens to San Diego for Peavy. He said Josh Vitters may not be involved and his sources said the Cubs pulled out the first time because they do not want to trade Josh Vitters.