Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Padres Could Sign Durham

The Padres are struggling to improve their lineup this offseason, and now are looking to name a starter at second base. While Matt Antonelli has a lot of upside, he struggled in his MLB debut and if he doesn't turn some heads in spring, he will probably start in Triple-A. Edgar Gonzalez  hit .274 with 7 HR and a .329 OBP in 111 games for the Padres, but he is thirty and doesn't have much upside. Padres GM Kevin Towers told me last year that second base if the easiest position to fill, so I doubt he is stressing over the problem, but you obviously want to have your team somewhat set in Spring Training. 

If the Padres want to add a cheap second baseman, they could sign Ray Durham. Durham hit .289 with 6 HR in 128 games for the Giants and Brewers last season. Signing Durham is unlikely, but don't be surprised if the Padres swoop in and make a couple cheap signings in the next couple of weeks. Options include Eric Hinske, or maybe in Josh Fogg, who might benefit being in a pitchers park. It's all speculation at this point. 

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Anonymous said...

Mark Prior gets a minor league deal. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

One has to wonder what might have been, had Prior not been pressed into 120-130 pitch outings in his first full major league season, less than two years out of college.

Of course, he may simply have an inherently fragile arm, which would have broken down even with the normal professional baseball break-in schedule. I guess we'll never know.

It would be nice to see him make a bionic-man, Chris Carpenter-like comeback, even if its with the Padres.