Thursday, January 15, 2009

Diamondbacks Pitching Options

The Diamondbacks are looking for a pitcher, but reportedly only have about four million dollars left to spend. The Diamondbacks would like to add a pitcher that could fill in at the bottom of the rotation, but need a cheap upgrade. Here are a couple guys they could go after:

Kris Benson, Free Agent: Kris Benson told me in December that he was healthy, but plans to be on a slower throwing program as a precaution. He is throwing for teams in the next week and will likely sign a minor league deal. While he is a risk, he could give you 9 or 10 wins. 

Mark Mulder, Free Agent: Mulder said his arm is the best it has ever felt and has been training in Arizona, which means he could work year long with his trainer if needed. 

Rich Hill, Cubs: The Cubs will try and trade Rich Hill, but will probably wait to see if they designate him for assignment. If that happens, they could pick him up and see if a change of scenery will turn his struggling career around. 

Michael Bowden, Red Sox: The Red Sox will probably have to deal Miguel Montero for him, but after signing Chris Snyder to an extension, he is expendable. Adding Bowden and a free agent under four million dollars annually would really improve their pitching.

Feel free to leave any other options you think would work. 

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Uncle Dan said...

I think if the Cubs don't keep Hill and Pie on the 25 man roster they have to clear waivers before they could possibly send them to the minors. Everyone seems to think someone will pick both up. So the Cubs have to decide if they are worth the hassle.

Anonymous said...

Peter Gammons reported last week that Arizona asked the Red Sox for Bowden and the Sox said no. The Sox countered with Bard for Montero and Arizona said no.

Anonymous said...

why wouldn't the cubs try and put Hill in the deal going to San Diego, for Jake Peavy? He would be the arm maybe they are willing to try (they took Prior didn't they). You put Rich Hill, Felix Pie, and Cedeno, andthe three minor league pitchers they got in return for De Rosa and i bet San Diego would pull the trigger..... Chris M.