Monday, January 5, 2009

Cubs Sign Bradley

The Cubs and Milton Bradley have come to terms on a three year deal worth 30 million dollars, is reporting. Bradley is an above average defender, but is oft-injured, having averaged just 92 games per season throughout his whole career. However, Bradley is entering his prime and it showed last season when he hit .321 with 22 HR and .436 OBP in 126 games for the Rangers. The Cubs seem to have an eye for snatching players coming into their prime, acquiring Aramis Ramirez, Derek Lee, Michael Barrett, and Mark DeRosa over the years. The problem I have with this signing is that Bradley is expected to play 140 games in the toughest position in Wrigley Field, but hasn't had a 140 game season since 2004.

One thing this signing does do is open up a spot for Micah Hoffpauir, who is now second on the depth chart. Hoffpauir hit .342 with 2 HR in 33 games last season for the Cubs, but hit .362 with 25 homeruns in 75 games for the Triple-A Cubs. If Bradley goes down, or needs a day off, the Cubs will have no problem slotting Hoffpauir, Johnson, or Pie in right field.  

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Anonymous said...

I like Hoffpauir, but I think he's at best an emergency starter in right. As a hitter, he's ready, but D-Lee happens to own his best position, and Soriano's in his only other viable defensive spot. He's blocked unless the Cubs move one of them (which I don't anticipate).

If Bradly goes down, let's not forget Fuku as an option in right field as well. I think Pie is out of options, and is not likely to stay with the organization unless he really tears it up in spring training and forces his way onto the 25-man roster (which would probably force a trade to open a spot for him).

Bottom line, the Cubs need Bradley to perform and stay healthy. They're deep enough to weather a month or so without him, but they'll be much better with him in the lineup.

Anonymous said...

Bradley is talented. I hope they can harness some of his emotions enough so that he doesn't mess up things in the clubhouse.

Matthew said...

I'm sure Big Jim and Milton had a long talk about his past blow ups.

Wondering what he said, since Lou will not take any of Bradley's sass, they probably had an agreement for him to work on it. Don't lose his passion for the game, but stop making stupid decisions and slow down to think.

I like this signing surprisingly. He will get most of the RF abs with maybe some in CF, but that will give Fuku some playing time from here to there and keep everyone in the OF healthy.

I see Soriano, Johnson, Bradley, Fukudome, Gathright and Hoffpauir getting the outfield spots with Hoffpauir getting some ABs @ first.

I imagine that Pie will be traded in a package for another starter before Spring Training. Can't imagine who they will target though.